What does NPX abbreviation stand for?

What does NPX abbreviation stand for?

I recently found the following abbreviation:

'NPX chips'


Intel(R) 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual Volume 1: Basic Architecture
Order Number: 253665-044US
August 2012

and my question is what does NPX abbreviation stand for?

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Take a look at a page 338:

...Intel 387 and Intel 287 math coprocessors (NPX chips)...

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I was able to find only this sentence taken from the Pentium manual


"To determine whether an FPU or NPX is present in a system, applications can write to the FPU/

NPX status and control registers using the FNINIT instruction and then verify the correct values

are read back using the FNSTENV instruction"

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Sorry for the off topic, but my posts are still queued for the admin approval.

I have found the exact meaning of the NPX abbreviation "Numeric Processor Extension". I also pasted a short excerpt from the Intel 287 coprocessor.I also posted the google search link , but my post is queued for approval. 

"80286 .... The 80287 Numeric Processor Extension (NPX) pro- ... 287 Speed CLK Speed "

>>...Numeric Processor Extension...

Thanks! It looks like a very old term possibly no longer used.

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>>>Thanks! It looks like a very old term possibly no longer used>>>

You are welcome.

This term is from the time period of 286 and 386 microarchitecture.

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