Havok license agreement

Havok license agreement


I am currently evaluating various physics engines, both in terms of simulation quality and performance. A note in the Havok license agreement makes me wonder what exactly is allowed or not in that respect. It sounds like the license prevents one from doing benchmarks? Is that correct? It seems a bit weird, since I suppose potential customers probably need to benchmark the library when doing their evaluation, in order to decide what physics engine they are going to use. Also, it seems that some projects like the Physics Abtraction Layer already include Havok in benchmarks anyway.

Could you please clarify this bit about the license?

Basically I would like to know if I can include Havok in my own evaluations, or if I have to discard it. The results, probably in the form of graphes and binaries, would probably be published on my personal blog. This would be for research purpose mainly, not for anything commercial.

Thank you!

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