How to market an Mobile app

How to market an Mobile app

As every newbie and expert developer is trying to create an app, marketing your app has become a key factor in making monetary gains. Some key ways to market an app which I can suggest include,

1) Social media marketing

2) Paid ads using PPC like adwords

3) Featured apps

4) Asking bloggers to review your app.

Share your ideas on how to market an app.

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Hello Nancy,

You can create a company to promote your applications using:

1- Admob advertise

2- Airpush advertise

Hello ,

There is also leadbolt ads

Esprit Mobile


the first thing to do is to choice an attractive name and make a nice icon to your app to have a maximum number of download

Hello Nancy,

you must choose an attractive icon for your application especially integrate Airpush and Admob

well networking based marketing will suite for your apps.

you can use :

1- Admob advertise

2- Airpush advertise

3-Leadbol advertise

have a attactive UI and giving a more user friendly this market you app automatically adn also you can connect with to have a good answer for your question.

Thank you.!

team inivo

Create a website for your app and publish it via social networks.


Create pages in social media. And start promoting campains so that public will be active.

You can give the application to some users to try out and share the word

You can market this on social media sites and giving users to use. When you choosing users choos them in workd wide.

Thank You.!

team inivo

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