problem in installing openmpi with ifort

problem in installing openmpi with ifort


I have a question, I have an ifort 13 and mpif90 asssociated with that already installed. I want to get another mpif90 locally install which works with ifort 10. I installed ifort 10 but when I give the path of that to configure file of openmpi I am givving the following error :

"configure: error: Could not run a simple Fortran 77 program. Aborting."

I am using this command:

 " ./configure --prefix=/home/masoud/mpi10/ FC="/home/masoud/intel/fce/10.1.015/bin/ifort" F77="/home/masoud/intel/fce/10.1.015/bin/ifort" --enable-static --enable-mca-static CC=icc CXX=icpc   "

every thinf is fine if I use FC=ifort  F77=ifort instead but as we expect it install it with ifort13.

Thank you very much for your help



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You would need to set all environment variables consistent with ifort 10.1 and icc/icpc 10.1.  Then, the FC=ifort F77=ifort should produce an mpi consistent with ifort/icc/icpc 10.1.  I don't think you will be able to mix ifort 10.1 with icc 13.0, if that is what you intended.  You could also use ifort 10.1 together with gcc/g++, as you must have a version of those installed which works with ifort 10.1.

Your configure log should show at least what compile command was the basis of the report "could not compile a simple F77."  I guess you didn't have libraries on path which work with ifort 10.1.

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