Payload.Type when encoding MPEG2?

Payload.Type when encoding MPEG2?

I'm trying to insert captions while encoding MPEG2. 

According to the documentation Payload.Type is set to 4 for AVC but what would it be for MPEG2?

Seems somewhere I read it should be the userdata start code so should it be 0x01B2?

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We do not have specific details on how to insert MPEG-2 closed captions as payload but we do provide some examples of how to do this for H.264 in the Media SDK Developers Guide and also in this forum post: 

I suggest implementing MPEG2 CC payload insertion in a similar fashion.

This document may also help: 
From that document it looks like you are correct in that picture user data start code is 0x01B2.

If you want, please let us know how you progress. MPEG-2 specific CC payload details may be useful for other developers on this forum. 


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