8 bpp indexed RGB to 24bpp RGB image

8 bpp indexed RGB to 24bpp RGB image

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I have an image thats 8 bits per pixel, that also has a palette that 256 colors. ( RGB[256] )

Is there an ipp function that gives me a 24bpp image replcing each ot the 8bpp data with color it indexes into?


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I have been using iplConvertFromDIBSep from\ipp-samples\image-processing\ipl-ipp to load complex DIB/BMPs. It handles 8bit palletized RGB BMP files.

I see that the latest IPP samples BMP decoder does not handle palettes at all.

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Hi Shashi,

It looks like you need to use ippiLUT_8u_C1R function to substitute pixel colors with RGB values and then use ippiDup_8u_C1C3R function to produce 24-bit image from 8-bit, i.e. 3 channels from 1 channel. It also looks like pLevels 256-byte array can be just your RGB table.


Regards, Sergey

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