Issue in publishing WPF app that calls Windows RT functions

Issue in publishing WPF app that calls Windows RT functions

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I am working on a WPF app that I want to create for Windows 8. I followed steps mentioned in Hansleman's blog to maks some manual modifications using which I could call WinRT functions in WPF app. Everything worked well, until I tried to publish the app. When I clicked on publishing the app I got error "The 'ResolveManifestFiles' task failed unexpectedly. System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range."

Afterwards, it will produce the same error when attempting a simple solution build.

Even if you create a simple WPF project and add the references mentioned in blog to access WinRT functions and publish, this issue can be reproduced.

I think it would be common scenario to call WinRT functions from WPF and someone should have done it. Is anyone aware what should be done to fix this issue?

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It works only in desktop applications.

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I know the documentation from MSFT does mention support of WinRT calls in a WPF environment, I haven't verified this, but you might want to check out this posting

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I think that due to the sandboxed nature of Windows RT apps you won't be able to mix up both technologies.

Either you drop the WPF environment or you move your app away the Metro interface

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 In order to fix this issue please upload the source code of the app compressed in rar format.

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Or perhaps just list the WinRT calls you want to make from Win32 .


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