[Solved] hkpCharacterRigidBody and the Visual Debugger

[Solved] hkpCharacterRigidBody and the Visual Debugger

Hey all,

So my character is using hkpCharacterRigidBody but for whatever reason I'm not seeing him in the VDB (but I see other rigid bodies just fine). If I get the character's rigid body position, it appears correct and I seem to be getting collision callbacks properly, but not being able to visualize the character is going to be a pain.

The Demos seem to work fine. I would expect the VDB to render hkpCharacterRigidBody like all other rigid bodies, any thoughts on why the CharacterRB wouldn't show up in the VDB?

EDIT: I figured it out, I was using the hkpShape copy constructor to copy an already existing capsule shape - which it apparently didn't like (is the copy constructor even supported?) Once I created a new capsule shape specifically for the character it was fine and showed up properly.

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