Remote BIOS update using AMT.

Remote BIOS update using AMT.


I am currently trying to understand how a remote BIOS update using Intel AMT might work. We've got two different types of workstations, Dell Precision T1650 and HP Compaq 8200 Elite. Dell, as well as HP only offer .exe files for BIOS updates on their websites. Is it somehow possible to remotely install BIOS updates on multiple of each of the workstations mentioned above using Intel AMT? 

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It is possible to update the FW using AMT but "It depends" on a number of things. First, it depends on how the OEM implements FW upgrades. Some give you an exe file that you just run in windows (this sounds like what you have - one exe.) Some require putting the bin file on a usb stick and running the tools from DOS. Some split the FW updates into the different parts/regions for the FW. If your OEM requires a full BIOS/FW update in one file, it probably won't work because you can't replace the BIOS if it is in use.


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