Do I need other software than the MPSS?

Do I need other software than the MPSS?

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I am in the process of buying a system with a Xeon Phi for development purposes. Now one vendor justified a considerably higher price by saying that they "install necessary driver and SDK software". They were not able to tell me exactly what the SDK is. Upon question another vendor said that there would be an SDK which is not free and that they do not have it. The OEM only tells me that they do not install any software.

My understanding until now was that the only software I need is the MPSS and the compiler (I have a license for the Intel compiler for Linux). Or is there indeed another mysterious SDK required?

Thanks for enlightening me


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I think those are enough.

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As long as the compiler is version 13.0 or more: earlier versions don't know about Xeon Phi. SDK (software development kit) is usually the compiler and a set of sample codes. The Intel C++ compiler version 13.0+ comes with a bunch of samples for MIC programming in /opt/intel/composerxe/Samples/en_US/C++/mic_samples/

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Thanks Andrey and Openhero for your responses.

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