UIC JPEG decode 420 format

UIC JPEG decode 420 format


I want to use UIC library to decode MJPEG frames (input format 420) in YUV422 interleaved format or YUV420 planar (if it is possible).

I was able to do it correctly with the old IJL library: I decode the frames in RGB format and then convert to YUV420 (which is our preferred format to render the frames on video memory).

Now I am trying to use the IPP 7.0/7.1 libraries (using the UIC JPEGDecoder class), but I have some problems.

I have wrote the code based on the example that I have found in the documentation and on the forums. I do not have any error during the code execution, but the output buffer remains with all zeros.

Where could I find an example to decode MJPEG 420 frames with UIC?



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Now we are decoding correctly the frames. The trick to get the job done was to decode the input frames to RGB and then convert to YUV420 format. The direct decode from 420 or 411 to 422 interleaved is not supported. Also with the old IJL decoder we did it in that way.


Hi all!

I have a very similar problem. I need to convert JPEG (I get them from MJPEG IP camera) to RGB (BMP, DIB).

What IPP function have you used?

Best regards,



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