seismic unix package on mic problems

seismic unix package on mic problems


I have compiled Seismic Unix Version - 42, with intel compilers and second instance is native compilation for MIC. The intel compiled commands are working fine on host but the native compiled commands are not working on MIC. Please help me to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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You don't provide enough information here for anything but wild guesses.

Among the more common problems is a build procedure which isn't set up for cross compilation, for instance requiring auto-configure to run without providing for submission of the tests to coprocessor,  There are various ways this has been overcome.

What worked for me was editing src/su/include/Makefile to build an executable for the host, without "-mmic". 

That is, I defined CC to be "icc -mmic" globally in Makefile.config, and changed "$(CC)" to "icc" in src/su/include/Makefile.

Another, perhaps better, way to handle this is adding "/opt/intel/mic/bin/micnativeloadex" before each of the four executions in su/include/Makefile.

That is, for example,

/opt/intel/mic/bin/micnativeloadex ./mkheader >header.h

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