ANDROID in windows 8

ANDROID in windows 8

How can we use ANDROID emulateur with google account(google play, gmail....) int windows 8 ?

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Turns out I was using the image "Android 2.2" instead of "Google APIS (Google Inc)". Using the Android SDK and AVD Manager, create a new virtual machine with the correct image.

Hi Mahdi

There are some emulators for Android that let you install and use the Android mobile system, but they do not always work properly and end up giving more headache than help. But who uses Windows 8 has one more trick up his sleeve.

It is an application that simulates the settings on the PC and a smartphone allows you to install almost all apps developed for Google’s mobile OS. Below you will find some tips on how to use this application and use their favorite applications outside of Android.

Google it, and you will find the solution ! A bit hint : Bluestacks !

Enjoy ...

it's the same think like in windows 7 you must also have the AVD Manager.So just create a new virtual machine

Same as Windows 7!


it's the same, just you need AVD manager then create a new virtual machine :)

HI I was asking how to use android like a real smartphone so i can install applications from play store ... not how to install a simple simulator

You can used adb install coomand to install any apk


You can run via AVD manager

Hi Mohamed, you might to install vmware virtualizer software and run a image of android, all the function are the same as a phone.

JudLup Luna

Bluestacks is a great software that can be used in windows.

it supports in win8 also..

Hi Ashwin S Ashok, thank you good input!

JudLup Luna

its ok...JudLup Luna...

main benifit of bluestacks is we can use any android app in windows or mac...


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