Mac OS X .app bundles

Mac OS X .app bundles

Currently the .app bundles in the examples, or at least the two I've tried, won't open correctly, even without being moved. Not an important problem, but it seems a bit silly to have them if they don't fulfill their purpose. Does anybody know how to fix them?

One problem seems to be, at least for seismic, that Info.plist is copied without changing the name of the executable from "tbbExample" to "seismic". Another problem is a missing libtbb.dylib, but it does not seem to be picked up if I place a copy in or just next to the executable, despite the definition of LSEnvironment/DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH as "Contents/Resources:.:../Resources:/tmp:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH".

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The following incantation seems to help (with "install_name_tool -change libtbb.dylib @executable_path/../Frameworks/libtbb.dylib". Use "otool -L" to see the shared libraries used by the executable.

Now there's still the runtime arguments, to actually see something...

"open ./examples/parallel_for/seismic/ --args 1:4 30000"

Doesn't really work for double-click, so maybe the defaults should be changed to avoid having to mess with a script inside the .app bundle?

BTW, that's only (part of) the theory. I've stranded with the following (first works, second doesn't), but I'm not pursuing this any further (well, trying not to...):

$ open examples/parallel_for/polygon_overlay/
$ open examples/parallel_for/polygon_overlay/
LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file […]/examples/parallel_for/polygon_overlay/

(Added 2013-04-25) Oh yes, in case anybody wants to pick this up from where I left it: see the attached file.

(Added 2013-04-28) That error is reported to be kLSUnknownErr, which does not seem very informative.


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