Can't get the identity service to redirect to my app URL after login

Can't get the identity service to redirect to my app URL after login

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Hi guys,

I've used this tutorial and the example code for the Identity service login: I can't get the redierction to occur - after both app and user login are succesful (TEST env.) nothing happens - the browser doesn't get redirected to my app. I believe i followed all the steps on the tutorial.

I've entered the redirectedURI (URL to my public dropbox folder, after checking both app and login html files load normally from my Chrome address bar) in both "My appliaction" dashboard and the login.html file as instructed and still nothing.

Any Ideas? I've attached both public URL's and html files as *.txt for my test app (simple HTML5 websocket demo) and to the initial login.html file so you can view the source text and maybe find what i'm missing..



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Let me check into this, we will contact you back soon


Luis M. (51647)

Intel Cloud Services. 

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Hi Ofir,

My name is Norm Chou and I'm a techincal marketing engineer for Intel Cloud Services. It sounds like we need to do some trouble shooting.

I will probably need to see some of your code. Have you tried using product keys with your app? What language are you using? REST? Javascript?

Please email at


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I like to additionally add that we don't support silent login of Intel Identity. 

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