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Hi all!

When (and where) we can expect list of winners to be announced? 

It is already 27-th July even in Honolulu :)



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And two days later, I'm also wondering.

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 I would also like to know what is happening. Is everyone on vacation?

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Hey guys,

Thanks for checking back in.  We'll be announcing winners in August!


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Have anybody heard anything about who the winners are?

Ahmed Ziadi
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I'm anxious too--though there're still quite a few days left in august!

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Hey folks,

The winners have been notified and we're working with them to do a really nice annoucement and unvieling of the Hall of Glory and Steam pages.

To all who didn't win this year, we really appreciate your participation and be prepared for next year!  It's never too early to start working on your demos!


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So that means that.............. I LOST AGAIN!!!

But anyway, congrats to all winners! ;)

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Dang, I guess I lost too. Congratulations to the winners!

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