watch window on debug IF2013

watch window on debug IF2013

I am using the IF 2013  fortran on visual studio 2012


When in debug mode,I want to watch the variable x+500 instead of x so i can see 600 instead of 100 BUT i get a white cross in a red circle on the watch window - undefined adress !!! .  Under the previous version of Intel Fortran this was possible - say if You have the express


    y=(x+500) * ( c**2 +56) - (a-34.5+ d**2)


it would be good if you can watch the three bracketed items on the right hand side of the expression


this seems a major drawback


 regards Steve Konarski

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this problem is known. A solution can be found here:

Best regards,

Georg Zitzlsberger

Thanks Georg - - it does the job



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