xiar internal error

xiar internal error

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I tried to compile a library using "-ipo" (indirectly, I'm using "-fast") with ifort 14.0. Th previous version (13) succeeded in compilation, but my program crashed immediately. I decided to try the new version, but now compilation stops during the use of "xiar" with the following error message:

/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.0.080/bin/intel64/xiar cr ../../lib/libmolcas.a cho_cas_drv.o cho_caspt2_openf.o cho_caspt2_setup.o cho_coul_red.o cho_eval_twxy.o cho_eval_waxy.o cho_fcas_AO.o cho_fmat.o cho_fmcscf.o cho_FMO_red.o cho_fock_dft_red.o cho_fock_rassi.o cho_fock_rassi_x.o cho_focktwo.o cho_focktwo_red.o cho_fscf.o cho_ftwo_MO.o cho_get_mo.o cho_geth1.o cho_getshfull.o cho_LK_casscf.o cho_LK_rassi.o cho_LK_rassi_x.o cho_LK_scf.o cho_lk_settings.o cho_lr_mos.o cho_pmat.o cho_rassi_twxy.o cho_sum.o cho_x_quit.o choras_drv.o choscf_mem.o coul_dmb.o findmax.o fmmfck.o focktwo.o focktwo_drv.o fold.o fold_mat.o fold_tmat.o ftwo.o ftwo_drv.o get_tuvx.o ldf_computecoulombintermediates.o ldf_fci.o ldf_fock_coulomberror.o ldf_fock_coulombonly.o ldf_fock_coulombupperbound.o ldf_ftst.o ldf_fvifc.o order_arrays.o rdchovec.o reord_pmat.o set_iOff.o set_nna.o set_nnbsf.o thouless_T1.o tra2a.o tra2b.o tra2c.o tra_ctl2.o tractl2.o tractl_drv.o tradrv.o
": internal error: 010101_13220

xiar: error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 4)
xiar: error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 4)

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You'll need to provide us with everything required to reproduce the problem - sources and build scripts. You can attach a .tgz here or use Intel Premier Support to report it. Once we get this we will investigate.


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