compilation aborted code 1

compilation aborted code 1

I've written one programme, but there is always a message:"Compilation aborted code 1". What does it mean?

pls help me. I'm new in fortran. 

attachment is the programme.

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That isn't the important message - it simply means you had compile-time errors. The important message preceded that - it says:

source1.f90(103): error #6353: A RETURN statement is invalid in the main program.

As the message says, a RETURN is not valid in a main program. Just remove the RETURN statement. You are also missing a declaration (and any setting the value) of array DYY.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thank you, Steve. I delected the "RETURN" statement, then there is no error here. but I cannot see any result on screen. There is a black window showing on my screen let me fill in DT,ERR. After filling in the numbers, the black window was gone. how can I see the results? thank you again.

I am guessing that you ran the program by clicking on the Start button in Visual Studio. This runs the program under the debugger, but if you did not set any breakpoints the program runs to completion and then the console window disappears. Instead, select Debug > Start without debugging or press CTRL-F5. In this mode, the console window will remain visible until you press a key to close it (you will see a message saying so.)

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Yeah! I did what you said, and it works well. Thank you very much! Have a good day!

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