Permalink to intrinsics reference?

Permalink to intrinsics reference?


Is there a permanent link to a list of all compiler intrinsics?

I am teaching courses on high-performance computing, and one of the subjects is using vector extensions like SSE and AVX. I would like to include a link to an intrinsics reference that is organized by feature level (MMX, SSE, AVX, ...) first and type of operation (integer arithmetic, floating-point arithmetic, logical, ...) second.

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You can download "Intel C++ Intrinsics Reference" in PDF format.

There is also Intel intrinsics interactive guide which contains all intrinsics and corresponding direct mapping of machine code instruction.

Searching for "C++ Intrinsics Reference" did not give me a PDF file, only the interactive guide. Google found a PDF file, but apparently dating from 2007 and missing recent additions like AVX.

In the meantime, could be useful. I wonder if this is a permanent link or if it will change every few months.

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It seems to be corrupted when viewed here, so maybe your search tool is smarter than you thought.

That's the PDF I found, and it doesn't cover AVX. The copyright line states 1996-2007, so it's not surprising that six years' worth of extensions are missing ;-)

You are right that guide is a bit outdated.

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