Phi Xenon memory allocation troubles (OS Windows)

Phi Xenon memory allocation troubles (OS Windows)

Hello! I use OpenCl XE 2013 r2 driver (OS Windows) with SMPP 3.1.

We have some troubles with memory allocation at Phi Device. There is a simple test:

1) Allocate 100 MB buffer on device

2) Fill buffer with test data

3) Free buffer

4) Sleep 1 second

5) Run Loop again

We control memory usage with MicSmc-gui utility. After 60 loops there is full memory usage on device, but no exceptions like "not enough memory". After that we launch our real application with opencl usage and recieve Build Kernel exceptions. MicSmc-gui displays some system activity on each processor.  I think, that there is some strange clReleaseMemObject behaviour in our case. Maby current OpenCL driver works bad with smpp 3.1.


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Hi Ivan,

I cannot reproduce such behavior by the steps that you specified. So I would like to ask you for a minimal reproducer for this problem.
Could you please also post 'micinfo' command output?

I was also going to ask you to try the version of MPSS that was recommended to be used with this release - 2.1.6720-19, see for the link. But I have checked both this and 3.1 version and I don't observe the issue.


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