Could such a change reduce the elapsed time

Could such a change reduce the elapsed time

HI, Dear Sir or Madam,

In the report of guide of performance, the following remark often occurred:

Z:\imex\bin\opt64vector\levstr.f(359): remark #30525: (PAR) Insert a "!dir$ loop count min(512)" statement right before the loop at line 359 to parallelize the loop. [VERIFY] Make sure that the loop has a minimum of 512 iterations.

I want to know if such a change (I mean if insert a statemtn  "!dir$ loop count min(512)"  in my source codes) could lead to less elapsed time cost so that the performance of program could be further improved. The following is description fromthe user and refrerence guide of Intel Fortran V14.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

/*************description from the user manual ***************/

If you determine it is safe to do so, you can add thedirectiveas follows:

subroutine foo (n)

integer, parameter :: N2 = 10000

 real (8) :: A(N2), B(N2) integer :: i


 do i =1, n A(i) = B(i) * B(i)

end do

 end subroutine foo

Make sure that theloophas a minimum of 128 iterations.

Verify Make sure that theloophas the minimum number of iterations, as specified in the diagnostic message.

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This directive can help the optimizer decide that it is worthwhile to vectorize or parallelize a loop. If you know that the loop will typically have at least 512 iterations, it is useful to add the directive.  But I would recommend running the program under VTune Amplifier XE (free trial available) to see where the program is spending its time, so that you can focus on the parts of the code that matter.


Could you share your experience in exploring the highly paralllelism with Intel Fortran compiler options/EnvSettings and OpenMP directives? Thanks.

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