Adding IMSL library

Adding IMSL library

We have several of the basic Parallel Studio packages, featuring the MKL library but not IMSL. We are now upgrading a coupld of *very very old* Fortran programs that make just a few calls to IMSL that we had in the middle 80's (B-spline routines CSAKM and CSDER in particular). I can see on Intel's website that you offer a bundeled package that includes IMSL for ~$2,000, but we really don't need another Fortran license. Is there any way to obtain the upgrade from Intel? If so, or if we bought a single copy of the bundled package, can the IMSL library be used by our other users on their respective licensed Fortran compilers?

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Unfortunately, at this time there is not a way to buy IMSL separately from us. You can buy it from Rogue Wave. We do plan to offer it as an add-on in the future (sometime next year), but not yet.

Your purchase of the IMSL bundle licenses one developer only to use IMSL (and the license can't be separated from the compiler license.)

You're not the first person to ask for this, but it's just not something we can do right now. I'd suggest buying from Rogue Wave if you really need it now, though their license policies are different than when you buy through us.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks Steve. As I expected.

We now offer IMSL as an "add-on" to any suite that includes Intel Visual Fortran. See here for more information.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks Steve. This is great to know. We'll be looking into it.

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