DTX1, DTX2, DTX3 and ipp 8.0.1

DTX1, DTX2, DTX3 and ipp 8.0.1

Hi all,

Intel IPP 7.1.1 implements the Microsoft DirectX texture compression algorithms (DXTC or DXTn) also known as S3 Texture Compression [S3TC]. But in the new ipp 8.0.1 there wasn't any support to this kind of compression algorithms. Are there any similar feature or is this compression no longer supported?

Thanks a lot.

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yes, this compression is no longer supported since 8.0.1

Is there planing to re-add this features? Does Some other sdk do this compression?

Hi Emanuele,

You might want to look into original library from Microsoft shared recently via CodePlex (http://directxtex.codeplex.com/).


Regards, Sergey

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