IPP License - Legal questions

IPP License - Legal questions


I have a few questions about the licenses for the Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) library.  My team is building a software application, and I am writing some of the effects for that application.  For convenience, let's call that EffectsLibrary.dll.  To use functions from the IPP library (perhaps I'm optimizing a routine), I obviously at least need one Single User License for myself.  But what if a coworker writes a new effect - one that has nothing to do with the IPP and does not utilize any of its functions?  Still, to compile that new effect into EffectsLibrary.dll, he will need the IPP library installed on his machine.  Is he considered a user?  Does he need a license too?

At heart, this question boils down to, does "using" the IPP mean?  To me, "using" is developing code that calls functions that the library offers.  "Using" is not compiling code that someone else wrote that has a dependency on the IPP, even though I didn't use it myself.  But I don't know what legally is the right answer.

Thanks for the help!

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I see, this is an interesting question.

I have moved this question over to our IPP User Forum since I don't know the answer.  I am assuming that your teammate, user #2, will need the headers along with the libraries in order to build the DLL.  But yes, he is NOT coding or modifying any code using IPP, merely building your shared code base.

IPP Team - can you answer this question?




You can check the IPP license FAQ for more info: 

How many copies of Intel IPP do I need to secure for my project team or company?
The number of Intel IPP copies that you need is determined by the number of developers who are writing code, compiling, and testing using Intel IPP API, For example, five developers in an organization working on building code with Intel IPP will require five Intel IPP licenses. View the EULA for complete details.




Hi Chao,

Thank you for your reply.  I have seen that paragraph but that is precisely what we are not clear about.  I am the only one writing code, compiling and testing using the Intel IPP.  The other developers are simply working on other parts of the shared code base but they will need the IPP to compile the stuff that *I* wrote.  So do they need licenses too?

Hi unpocoloco, 

As i understanding, according to the FAQ, if five developer in an organization building the code with IPP will require five intel IPP licenses. You teammate may need one license too.

But as you are considering,  if other developer 's work is not related to IPP,  is it possible to seperate your work with other developer's work from the view of technique? like build your custom dll.  Thus, you may only need 1 license? 

Best Regards,



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