Unresolved external symbol PrintDlg

Unresolved external symbol PrintDlg

I am converting an old graphing  library (50,000+ lines) to run with the Intel compiler. The library consists of Fortran and a C interface to Windows (not C++). Both have run successfully with many other compilers. I am using the latest Intel Fortran compiler, and a recently installed VisualC++ compiler.

Everything is fine, except that the linker fails "unresolved external symbol PrintDlg" I have tried printDlgEx with the same result. If I comment out the PrintDlg stuff, everything else works as expected.

It compiles faithfully, and links in all the other windows entries.

How can I wriggle out of this? Strategies would be helpful.

David Butland

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I may have stumbled across a solution -

In the project using the library, select Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies and specify Comdlg32.lib

The problem goes away.

If anyone can help explaining why this is necessary, while I do not specify any other Windows libraries, I would feel reassured that this is the correct procedure.

David Butland

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