AMT shared ip, no access

AMT shared ip, no access

Hi all,

I have several  AMT box's and one is prooving to be a pain,  I have configured a shared dedicated ip address, and can access that ip address via wsman across the lan, all settings *appear* to be the same as other working box's however this one just wont give me access to the webgui, nor vnc even then it is configured.   I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips as to what to check ?

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Could it have an Antivirus setting that is blocking management messages? (or the ports that AMT uses?)  

Can you ping that system and can it ping your management console?

Have you tried doing a CMOS clear on it?  Sometime's that helps but you will have to reprovision if you do that.  What version of AMT is it? Is it a different version than the other systems?  All AMT Software/drivers/fw are up to date?

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