No GPA Frame Analyzer

No GPA Frame Analyzer

Why I can't find the GPA Frame Analyzer after updated the "gpa_14.1_release_219575_windows"?

My computer is:

Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 @2.00 GHz (2 CPUs)

1G memory

Nvidia Georce GT 630 (1024M DDR3)

Win7 32bit

Where is the problem?

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Due to the complexity of frame capture files with the latest versions of DirectX*, the tool was occasionally running out of memory space while reading/processing the data. And as you can appreciate, the error would manifest itself in "strange ways", and could result in either incorrect data or hard to diagnose crashes.

Therefore, you now need a 64-bit OS for the Intel GPA Frame Analyzer tool -- this is documented in the product's release notes: "Intel GPA Frame Analyzer is no longer supported on 32-bit versions of Windows* 7 and Windows* 8/8.1 OS. The installation package will not install this application when a 32-bit Windows* OS is detected."

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, you can still run the tool in a networked mode, as long as the analysis/client system is a 64-bit system.




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