Intel® Media SDK for Linux* Servers 2014?

Intel® Media SDK for Linux* Servers 2014?

hi, all,

I've got a email from, which says that:

 "Intel® Media SDK for Linux* Servers 2014 1.0 Available March 21, 2014"

However, I can not find the .zip package download link in the download page, has it been released or not?

Is there any new features in this release?

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I have the same problem.  The download packages are there for R2 and R3 from 2013, but the March 21, 2014 release does not show up in my account.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the early notification.  The release package will be available within a few days.  A technical glitch during release preparation caused the notification to go out before all of the pieces were ready.  

There is a lot to look forward to in the new release, including:

  • New plugin API designed for adding custom decode, encode, and VPP to the common Media SDK interface
  • Intra refresh (aka "Rolling I frame")
  • VPP composition improvements
  • Alpha blending feature preview
  • Samples for splitting/muxing and "full" transcode (not just video elementary streams)

Regards, Jeff 


Finally, the full_transcode is available for linux.


BUT ..... is missing ....

What comes next - i have to purchase it again, like i did with libmfxaudiosw64.dll or how can i find it ?


Thank you in advance.



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