Ruby, Python, PHP

Ruby, Python, PHP

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Any future support envisioned for Ruby, Python or PHP?

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Can you describe a bit more what you'd like to see added?

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Ruby is similar to Java in that it is interpreted (as opposed to compiled). That means, as you can easily guess, that the Ruby interpreter, like the JVM, has to be included in the install. In theory, it is supposed to be easy to move Java and Ruby apps from Android to Windows to iOS. The practice falls somewhat short of theory. For example, suppose you fired up a multi-threaded app using the well-regarded TBB. One stack target is Windows (I guess not XP, but who knows - certainly Win 7 and 8.1) plus IIS plus a DBMS like SQL Server. Stack target number two is Apple. Stack target 3 is probably Google. Then we have SalesForce in the mix. Stack target 5 is a bit complicated. Let's say a LINUX (we will pretend Tizen runs just like Red Hat) plus Apache and then some exotic database.

I believe I am saying that it is very helpful that one can go from ANSI C++ to C# (actually, Microsoft C++ is 15% faster than C# and Intel's compiler generates even faster EXEs) to OBJECTIVE C the language is only part of the stack.




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Thanks for your detailed response on how these languages would be helpful to you.

We look forward to your use of INDE, and keep letting us know how we can improve the product.


Neal and the rest of the INDE team

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