HTM/STM and Scheduling

HTM/STM and Scheduling


I have a question about Hardware and Software Transactional Memory.

Given the types of versioning (eager and lazy) and conflict detection (optimistic and pessimistic) and let's say that 2 or more threads are performing a transaction that write/read the same memory location.

The scheduling of the threads could affect the ability of detect a conflict? Which combination of versioning and conflict detection would be better to always catch the conflicts?

Hope my question is clear.

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A Pessimistic control and Eager versioning would do good. As on a successful committ, the Eager versioning transaction would be updated directly into the address would perform a undo operation which avoids the concurrency conflict as the locations are locked down.

and the Pessimistic control on transactions would provide a lock down on every place of location being involved in transaction closing a way for other users to change the logs.

Hope you found it useful.

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