HD4600/5200 doesn't show support GPU for OpenCL1.2

HD4600/5200 doesn't show support GPU for OpenCL1.2

On I7-4770 (HD4600) and I7-4860EQ (HD5200) we install Win7 x64 with driver, then install Intel SDK for OpenCL Application 2013 r3 x64. In SDK Kernel Builder Menu 'Device info', it only shows CPU support OpenCL 1.2, no GPU support information.
For I3-3120M and i5-3427U (HD4000) with same graphics driver and OpenCL SDK version, there is GPU support info show up. See attached pics.
I researched OpenCL SDK release notes, there is description that HD4600/5200 is supported with driver up 15.33.8. So why this happens, could you help check and explain? Thanks.

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Did you make sure the driver was installed properly? Can you try re-installing the driver and see if that fixes it?



Hi Raghu,

Thanks for your support.

Yes, we installed the driver correctly.

We also use TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.7.8 to check, same behavior, HD4000 support OpenCL but HD4600/5200 don't.


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