How to Use Intel XE2013 Fortran SW

How to Use Intel XE2013 Fortran SW

Is there someone in the Southern CA area who would be willing to sit down with me for about one hour (or less) to walk me through the procedures necessary to get this subject Fortran Package to work? I have a working and simple Fortran Program to use so there is no necessity to debug the program. I can be reached at and am willing to travel to an agreeable place to meet as well as compensate the person for their time.....DAS

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You might be able to get this done by posting your questions here on this forum.

Jim Dempsey

Do you want to use it from Visual Studio or from the command line? Have you tried it and if so, where did you get stuck? There is extensive documentation installed along with the product but you can also read it online. Maybe you should start here.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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