SSE4 Intrensics on Visual Studio 2008

SSE4 Intrensics on Visual Studio 2008


Am optimizing my code application using Intel SSE intrinsic. It works fine with Intel compiler for 64-bit and 32-bit in MSVC 2008 IDE.

The same applications behaving differently with MSVC compiler for 32/64- bit run. I would like to know is there any limitation for MSVC 2008 IDE with respect to Intel SSE intrinsics( Am using upto SSE4.2).

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VS 2008 suppotrs SSE 4.2 and there shouldn't be a difference.between the two in support of intrinsics, but there are obviously differences in the optimizers, which might have surprising side-effects. Which instructions are you using in your code?

Am Using all the Integer Arithmetic instructions like Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication, Shifting. Zero and Sign extended Packing and Saturation unpacking instructions. I also heard that MSVC 2008 compiler won't support some SSE instructions which are fixed in MSVC 2010.


I don't think the Intel compiler can be counted on for SSE4 intrinsics unless the corresponding /arch: or /QxHost is set.  When that is done, some SSE or SSE2 intrinsics will be optimized by ICL to SSE4 equivalents, which Microsoft will not do. 

I wouldn't be surprised to see differences in register optimization between MSVC and ICL.  DIfferences such as Thomas and I mentioned ought to be visible in the .asm code.

You would certainly want to have applied all service packs for your version of Visual Studio.

I don't know what you mean by 32/64-.



>>>I don't know what you mean by 32/64-.>>>

He probably meant 32-bit exe and 64-bit exe.

@ Tim

I guess i haven't updated all the Service packs for MSVC2008. I will try this option and see the result.

Thanks for inputs.

Please let us know if it solves your problem.

Kind regards


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