Prompted for password via KVMview not in VNC

Prompted for password via KVMview not in VNC

Hi All,

We have recently started the testing before the roll out of AMT across our fleet. We are using SCS in database mode to gain admin and integrated with SCCM. The provisioning of the devices goes well with power and the out of band console working however when I try and connect to a device via the intel KVM tool it prompts for a password. Its as if its displaying a password on the users end as it would in 'user' mode however no password is displayed and the AMT advises KVM is connected. On the other hand if I use the VNC alternative it opens up a full session with no password required.

Does anyone have a idea why this would be the case?   

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The initial configuration of KVM requires a password:as per the RFB spec.  The RealVNC viewer library used by Intel AMT supports basic RFB password authentication only.  (Entirely separate from any AMT passwords).
Besides the Intel SDK docs ( there's an external how to here that includes the RFB password requirements. (exactly 8 digits with specific characters). 

Thanks, that worked :)

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