The Function Profile Settings enable you to customize displayed options for all the different views of the Function Profile Chart. To access the Function Profile Settings Preferences, right click on the chart and select Function Profile Settings from the context menu.


You can set your Preferences for the display, time, scale bars and colors used in the Function Profile Chart.

Intel® Trace Analyzer



Time Self

Display time spent in the given function, excluding time spent in functions called from it.

Time Total

Display time spent in the given function, including time spent in functions called from it


Display the number of calls to this function.

If other attributes are non-zero, this attribute can be zero, because the actual calls to the respective function can occur outside the current time interval.

Time Self per Call

Display Time Self averaged over #Calls

Time Total per Call

Display Time Total averaged over #Calls


Display the number of processes in this function

Time Self per Process

Display Time Self averaged over #Processes

Time Total per Process

Display Time Total averaged over #Processes

Function Colors

Open the Function Group Color Editor

Customize how these attributes are displayed using the adjacent setting for text and a bar graph. By default, the following are displayed - Time Self, Time Total, #Calls, and Time Self per Call.

Customize the time format to display as seconds or ticks or as a percentage of the time interval.

Customize the scaling modes are given as radio buttons. They are:

  • The default Visible Items scales the bars to the respective maximum of all expanded items.

  • All Items uses the global maximum of all values, regardless of whether they are expanded or not.

  • Siblings uses only the maximum of the direct siblings.


If you want particular process to be displayed in the Function Profile:

  1. Navigate to the Processes tab of the Function Profile Settings and choose the necessary processes

  2. Choose the As selected in Settings option

To select all but one process:

  1. Choose the process you do not need

  2. Using the Invert All option to reverse the selection


It does not influence the current process group of the View, but only focuses the Function Profile on a subset of all processes.


Toggle between the individual diagram titles and the global legend from the Pies control.

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