Intel® Media SDK

A cross-platform API for developing media applications on Windows* and Embedded Linux*

  • Fast video playback, encode, processing and media format conversion and video conferencing
  • Acceleration of RAW video and image processing
  • Audio decode & encode support

Take your PC client and smart camera media applications for Windows* to the next level with Intel Media SDK acceleration.

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Foundation: Media SDK

Use the cross-platform API to get fast video playback, encoding and processing to applications for Windows and Embedded Linux.*


Laptop Touch

Plug-in: Media RAW Accelerator for Windows*

Design products delivering visually stunning media by enabling RAW photo and 4K RAW video processing. This feature is builds on top of the Media SDK.


Plug-in: Audio for Windows*

Add a plug-in to deliver quality sound with audio encode & decode for AAC. MPEG-1 & MPEG-2


What's New

Embedded Linux*:

  • HEVC encoder Region of Interest
  • Video wall composition enhancements
  • Learn more here


  • Improved HEVC encode bitrate control
  • AVC encode visual quality, latency and robustness enhancements
  • Learn more in this blog

Technical Specifications

Supported Hardware:

  • 3rd Generation (or later) Intel® Core™, selected Intel® Celeron™, Intel® Pentium™ and Intel® Atom® processors with integrated graphics supporting Intel® Quick Sync Video.

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows* 7/8.1/10, Yocto Project* Jethro 2.0.3

Supported Languages: C and C++


Looking for enterprise grade hardware accelerated codecs for high density cloud transcoding, enhanced programmability or Linux support?

Intel® Media Server Studio: A comprehensive suite including the Media SDK, SDK for OpenCL applications, runtimes, graphics drivers, analysis tools and more. Preferred choice for server applications.

Looking for a way to accelerate time to market for Intel® architecture-based embedded applications?


Intel® System Studio IoT EditionIntel® System Studio is a software development suite including analyzers, compilers & debuggers allows to speed up development, strengthen system reliability and boost power efficiency and performance.

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