Intel® Math Kernel Library implements the BLAS and Sparse BLAS routines, and BLAS-like extensions. The routine descriptions are arranged in several sections:

Each section presents the routine and function group descriptions are in alphabetical order by routine or function group name; for example, the ?asum group, the ?axpy group. The question mark in the group name corresponds to different character codes indicating the data type (s, d, c, and z or their combination); see Routine Naming Conventions.

When BLAS or Sparse BLAS routines encounter an error, they call the error reporting routine xerbla.

In BLAS Level 1 groups i?amaxand i?amin, an "i" is placed before the data-type indicator and corresponds to the index of an element in the vector. These groups are placed in the end of the BLAS Level 1 section.

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