Initializes the solver.


void dfgmres_init (const MKL_INT *n , const double *x , const double *b , MKL_INT *RCI_request , MKL_INT *ipar , double *dpar , double *tmp );

Include Files

  • mkl.h


The routine dfgmres_init initializes the solver. After initialization all subsequent invocations of Intel MKL RCI FGMRES routines use the values of all parameters that are returned by dfgmres_init. Advanced users can skip this step and set the values in the ipar and dpar arrays directly.


You can modify the contents of these arrays after they are passed to the solver routine only if you are sure that the values are correct and consistent. You can perform a basic check for correctness and consistency by calling the dfgmres_check routine, but it does not guarantee that the method will work correctly.

Input Parameters


Sets the size of the problem.


Array of size n. Contains the initial approximation to the solution vector. Normally it is equal to 0 or to b.


Array of size n. Contains the right-hand side vector.

Output Parameters


Gives information about the result of the routine.


Array of size 128. Refer to the FGMRES Common Parameters.


Array of size 128. Refer to the FGMRES Common Parameters.


Array of size ((2*ipar[14] + 1)*n + ipar[14]*(ipar[14] + 9)/2 + 1). Refer to the FGMRES Common Parameters.

Return Values

RCI_request= 0

Indicates that the task completed normally.

RCI_request= -10000

Indicates failure to complete the task.

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