Multi-OS Engine – Technology Preview

Multi OS Engine is now open source

  • Use Java* coding to deliver native performance app
  • Ahead of time compilation to native code
  • Build, debug and deploy with Android Studio* integration

Create Android* and iOS* apps using Java Coding

Multi-OS Engine is a preview technology that enables developers using their Java expertise to develop native mobile applications for iOS* and Android* on Windows* and/or OS X* development host machines without compromising the native look, feel and performance. This technology is a stand-alone plug-in that can be integrated into Android Studio*. The Multi-OS Engine is now a fully Open source project led by Migeran Ltd.

Multi-OS Engine (Technology Preview)

Time-saving, productivity features to create Android* and iOS* apps

Use Java* coding to deliver native apps for iOS* and Android*

Benefit from native performance from early compilation to native x86 and ARM code

Access iOS* platform APIs and auto-generate Java bindings for Objective-C and C libraries

Develop apps on a Mac* or Windows* host

Integrate with Android Studio* to build, debug, and deploy Android* and iOS* apps

Design native iOS* UI with extended Android Studio* UI designer capabilities

Pick the host you want and get started

Build on Mac*

Build on Windows* via Cloud or Server

Take advantage of key feature benefits

Reuse Java Code to Create iOS* Apps

Design Native UI for Android* or iOS* with extended Android Studio* capabilities

Be more productive!

Create Android* and iOS* apps with a common code base.

Traditional Method

Java Coding for Android* App Objective-C Coding for iOS* Apps

Multi-OS Engine Method

Java Coding Reuse with Multi-OS Engine for Both Android* and iOS* Apps