Intel Academic Community Bulletin - December 2008

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Subject: Intel® Academic Community News- December 10th 2008



Thank you for the great work you've done in 2008.  Since the launch of the Academic Community, member feedback and content contributions have been critical to our success.  I especially want to recognize those members who went took the extra effort to deliver training sessions, lead webinars and translate courseware. You met us in San Francisco, Madrid, Venice, Taipei and other cities around the world, to support the vision of Parallel Programming into the classroom. Next steps? I am excited to start building on your suggestions for making the Academic Community THE place to go for Parallel Programming resources. I hope you will take a resolution in the New Year to teach more Multi-and Many-Core topics and start sharing your experiences with your colleagues in the Intel Academic Community.  Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2009!


In this Bulletin:


  • Webinar- December 18, PRC
  • Russian Academic Community
  • Creating a Pattern Language
  • Visual Guide to Threading Concepts
  • Asia Academic Forum Results
  • Get Recognized for your Work


-- Webinar: The Multi-Core Computer Science Curriculum in the People's Republic of China - December 18, 2008  6:00 AM PST

Dr. Jianfeng Yang, Associate Professor at Electronic Information College of Wuhan University will discuss curriculum development trends in China.  Learn how Chinese universities are teaching their engineers, how the trends differ from those in US, Europe and the rest of Asia. Register now to attend this webinar and converse directly with Professor Yang on this topic.


If you have missed any of the Webinars from this series, archived webinars can be accessed anytime.


-- NOW LIVE: Russian Academic Community.  The Russian Academic community website launched Nov 25 at the HPC Symposium in Moscow. Now Russian academics can share their knowledge and experience in curriculum development and collaborate with peers and Intel experts thru forums and blogs either in English or in Russian. Find local events and conferences as well as localized courseware content. Расскажите, какие курсы по многоядерности и параллельному программированию читаете Вы.


-- Creating a Pattern Language for Parallel Programming

After attending an informal session at the Berkeley ParLab, our own Michael Wrinn has posted some new insights into the evolving views on creating Pattern Language for Parallel Programming.  He includes links to his recent tutorial on Architecting Parallel Software and working documents from the ParLab. Take a look and share your views



-- A Visual Guide to Key Concepts in Threaded Programming. Understand some of the more common problems with threaded programming and how to solve them.  Clay Breshears covers this and more in his video series on Take Five.


-- 2008 Asia Academic Forum Results. The recent Asia Academic Forum brought clear reminder that there is no standard curricula that can meet the requirements of every country or type of course.   Key faculty from the Asian countries represented shared their expertise based on the training and courseware they've used and have now brought us a valuable series of white papers outlining the various approaches.  Take a look.


-- Get Recognized - Academic Community Expert Showcase - Are you teaching Multi-Core curriculum? Discussing Parallel Programming in the classroom? If so, let us know so we can be sure to include you in a special showcase of leading faculty in the field. We'll publish and link to your materials online and promote them to the world-wide community.  Contact us for more information.  E-mail:


Looking forward to meeting you online!


Wolfgang Rosenberg

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