IDE Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2008 Doesn't Install When Windows* SDK for Windows* Server 2008 is Installed

Problem : The integration into Microsoft Visual Studio* 2008 does not install.  There is no error message during installation, but you will not find any toolbar or compiler-related entries specific to the Intel® C++ Compiler or Intel® Parallel Composer.

Environment : Microsoft Visual Studio* 2008

Root Cause : Installing the Windows* SDK for Windows* Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 breaks environment scripts as described here†.  These scripts are used by the installation when integrating into the Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE and when broken as described will silently prevent the installation from working.

Resolution : Use the workaround provided in this article† to correct the problem and then reinstall the IDE integration.

† This link will take you off of the Intel Web Site.  Intel does not control the content of the destination Web Site.
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