C interface Support for LAPACK

Intel® MKL support both FORTRAN interface and C interface to LAPACK now.  In intel® MKL 10.3, we have extended C support and added C language interface to LAPACK rotuines.

Please refer the C interface to LAPACK technical paper for more details. and follow the link, you can find the online documentation and C LAPACK examples.

A small C code for QR factorization using C interface LAPACKE_dgeqrf

#include <mkl_lapacke.h>

#include <mkl_blas.h>

int main(){

int matrix_order = LAPACK_ROW_MAJOR;

lapack_int info, m(3), n(2), lda(2);

double a[6] = {0,1,2,1,1,1};

double tau[2] = {0.0,0.0};

info = LAPACKE_dgeqrf(matrix_order, m, n, a, lda, tau); 

return info;

In latest MKL 11.0 Version, we introduced new routines in LAPACK 3.4.x plus a list of additional auxiliary functions. Please see the detials in the article  

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