Intel® AppUp for Small Business

Last week I was at the Intel Developer Forum and I met up with Jason who works for the Intel AppUp® for Small Business program. I have known him for a long time and I wanted to highlight this program because, for one, they use a lot of the technology. As I understand it, and I am not familiar with all the details, you can basicaly rent from this service lots of computers that you can then turn around and install and support at your various customer sites. Not only can you rent machines, but you can also rent out operating systems and applications from a big catalogue they have. The result is that if you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you can easily support lots of customers with little up-front capital and offer lots of expert software and services.

Well, one of the new features they recently introduced is cloud management of all the servers. As a customer you can go on their web site and manage all of the machines, start and stop VM's remotely and lots more. Sound familiar? It's because they leverage a lot of the technology that uses. If you are a user of Meshcentral and want the next step up, you should check them out.

Last week the Intel Developer Forum, Jason did a full tour of the Intel AppUp for Small Business area on the show floor. The area was really large, featured many partners and was almost exactly at the center of the show floor. Video tour below.


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