Intel® Compilers - White Papers

Quick-Reference Guide to Optimization with Intel® Compilers
Fine tune your applications performance with these optimization commands.
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Improving Source Code Security and Quality with Static Security Analysis (SSA)
The Intel® C++ and Intel® Fortran compilers can use Static Security Analysis (SSA) to help identify errors and security weaknesses through deep analysis of source code.
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Redistributing Application Binaries Built with Intel® Compilers
Applications built with Intel® compilers may be redistributed to be run on systems on which the Intel Compiler is not installed. This document is provided to help you build your redistribution kit.
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For Mac OS* X

Migrating from Compaq Visual Fortran*
Get the necessary background for developers who are migrating to the Intel® Visual Fortran Compilers from Compaq Visual Fortran*.
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Building Linux* Kernel with Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux
Learn how to build the Linux kernel using the Intel C++ Compiler for Linux
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Code Coverage and Test Prioritization Tools
Discover how the Code-Coverage Tool and Test-Prioritization Tool within the Intel® compilers help you improve software quality, increase performance, and increase productivity.
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Debugging on Intel® Platforms
Get a high-level overview of debugging on Intel® processor-based platforms for Windows*, Linux*, and Mac OS* X. Written for technical decision makers, it catalogues the relevant debuggers and describes the features and benefits of each with references to additional information.
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Intel® Parallel Debugger Extension
Get more information on how the Intel® Parallel Debugger Extension to Microsoft Visual Studio* can help you locate parallel programming errors on Windows*.
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Intel® Debugger for Linux* (IDB)
Get more information on how IDB can help you locate runtime software errors on Linux*.
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Intel® C++ Compiler for Windows* Compatibility with Microsoft Visual C++*
Find out about the compatibility of the Intel C++ Compiler with Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005/2008/2010.
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Intel® Compilers for Linux* - Compatibility with GNU Compilers
Learn about the compatibility between Intel® Compilers for Linux* and GNU compilers in terms of source, binary, and command-line compatibility.
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Consistency of Floating-Point Results Using the Intel® Compiler
Why Doesn't My Application Always Give the Same Answer

Find out about command-line options that ensure floating point compliance with ANSI standards for the Intel compilers across all platforms.
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