Two questions: Face Pose and Activation Distance

Two questions: Face Pose and Activation Distance

Question 1:
Using the libpxcupipeline.dll, I tried to get face information out of the camera. GeoNodes, Gestures, Face Landmarks work, but I do not get any values for Face Pose. Is this supposed to work, or are there known bugs not published in the documentation?

Question 2:
It is mentioned in the docs that the activation distance can be changed by changing a registry key, "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Intel\PCSDK\Gesture" => ActivationDistance. This key does not exist. I created it and changed its value to "100" for testing purposes; however,while the Intel samples seem to use it, my own application does not seem to respect that setting. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible at all to control this (really essentiall) parameter using libpxcupipeline.dll?


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Question1: Face pose is not supported at this time.
Question2: 100cm is close to the camera limit. This is probably why you don't much difference. The activation distance establishes a virtual plane. Anything within this plane will trigger hand tracking. Thus changing is to a bigger value will make hand tracking easier but on the down side there will be false hand tracking. The default value is 40cm. It is not recommended that applications change this value. We want to make sure that end users have consistent experience across all applications.

Hi, thanks for you comments.

However, my question was why the sample applications use the registry setting while my own application does not use it, and what I can do about that? I'm aware that there is a distance/detection quality tradeoff, but nonetheless I want to increase detection distance for testing.

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