Compiling issues - cause by older gcc version?

Compiling issues - cause by older gcc version?

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I introduced something similar to this:

template<typename _Key> using my_set = unordered_set<_Key>;

in my program. It compiles fine on my computer (gcc 4.7.2) but on the Cluster I get the error:

error: expected unqualified-id before ‘using’

I believe I read somewhere the hard- and software specifications of the cluster, but I can't find them. So, is there a bug in my code or is the gcc on the cluseter < 4.7?

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Yes, it seems that the compiler on the cluster is older, take a look at the problem's page and you got the answer :

But I can't help you on the error... :/
Hope it helped you,


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Unfortunately, the version installed is the 4.6.3

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Thank you!
Yeah, it's doable without the template typedefs, just not as elegant ;)

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