Finish is so close..

Finish is so close..

Accelerate 2012 Late is finishing...

You can view a countdown here -

We propose to participants not to leave the forum and discuss the problem, solutions, tests, algorithm etc.

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Hi Nikolay,

I recieved email from Cedric, in which is stated:
"I want to remind you that the end of the contest is December 14th 2012 at 00:00 (Pacific time, GMT - 7:00 )."

Isn't that for 2 hours less than time from your link?


I'd say the time is correct. Checked it here:

Best regards,

Hi Nenad,

yes, I forgot that Serbia is at GMT+1 :/

Regards, Dusan.

I just really want to remind you not to wait the last time to submit your final program.

After all the work done, it would be really hard to be evaluated on an invalid submission.


I support Cedric. Due to unpredicted problems, last time we submitted about 5 min before the deadline and the last submission before that was seg fault :). One of the most stressful nights in my life :). Although it seems this time will be no different.

Best regards,

It was quite similar for us. I had my exams the morning and I had to set my alarm every hour during the night to check that our solution was really uploaded.

Anyway, for those of you who have question addressed to me, do it quick, I will go to bed in 1 hour. After that, you will be completely alone if you have a problem. I will set my alarm to 6:30 am French time to help the very last one but it will probably be too late.

(and I will not be available after 7:20)

Our last submission has md5 (md5 was here). Could you confirm you've got it, please?



Cédric ANDREOLLI (Intel) escribió:


Is it possible to restore a archive by its md5? How?

If you publish your md5, anyone can post a wrong solution under your name

We propose to publish your times of tests 4-6 and we will make a ranklist sorted by sum of these.

Our best results are 0.66 / 0.70 / 1.80 sec. But it strongly depends of a loading to the benchmark :(

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