- Now with Remote Touch Support

In the last few days I have been working on adding touch support for the web based remote desktop of The idea is that, if the remote computer is Windows 8 that supports touch and you get touch commands on the web page, I could not try to emulate the mouse with touch but rather send the touch information directly to Windows 8. This would provide a much more natural user experience. Well, with Windows 8 there is a touch injection API and so, after learning how it works I finaly got to work and released my first touch support yesterday. In fact, I recorded a demonstration video below. his said, as I am writting this, I only support touch with Windows 8 as the target computer and IE10 on a touch device on the web browser side. I will be adding iPad and Android touch support as soon as I can.

I also fixed a problem with IE10 and remote desktop, it would lock-up in the past. I also added the "Start" and "Charm" button which are super useful when remoting to Windows 8.


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