Using Intel® C++ Compiler for Embedded Systems

The Intel® C++ Compiler, also known as icc, is a high performance compiler which lets you build and optimize your C/C++ applications for the Linux* based operating system. The Intel® C++ compiler provides complete supports for various embedded Linux* system. With multiple features of Intel® C++ compiler, you can easily start to use icc for new project developing, or migrate the existing project from GNU* compiler.

This webinar we will describe how to use Intel® C++ Compiler for embedded systems. We will learn the key features of Intel® C++ compiler for embedded development, e.g. the icc integration with Eclipse* CDT, the icc integration with GNU* toolchain for cross-platform development etc. We will also learn how to porting your application from gcc build to icc build and the basic step by step performance optimizations by using Intel® C++ compiler.

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